Tips on How to Stop Cyber Bullying

There are many cases of cyber bullying today that are left unreported and if so, they remain to scar the people who are victims of such hateful attacks. If you are a parent who has a kid complaining about cyber bullying or if you are being victimized, here are some tips you can do on how to stop cyber bullying:

Don’t Respond to Attacks.

This sounds counter-intuitive because our natural reaction is to defend ourselves when people say harsh things that are not true or when they are plainly saying things just o provoke us. But when it comes to cyber bullying, it is better not to respond to these attacks no matter how tempting it is to do so. Why do you think it is the best thing to do to not respond to your cyber bullies?

When somebody attacks you online with hate-filled words, they are usually doing it because they want to provoke you and are looking for you to reply in an angry way. If you reply with anger, you are giving them the satisfaction of getting what they want and that is to see you lose yourself and become to angry that you stoop to their level and start a hate conversation. So if you want to stop cyber bullying and beat the cyber bully, it is best to just not reply to their comments.

Save the Evidence.

Although some cyber bullies stop on their own eventually, there are also those that do not get tired of what they are doing and keep on harassing others in order to get the satisfaction they are looking for in terms of a reply. If you have a cyber bully attacking you, you should not retaliate but keep the evidence of his attacks either by doing a screen shot of the message or forwarding the cyber bullying content to your email as your reference if the situation worsens. In the future, you might need to produce evidence of the harassment by showing the messages of your cyber bully. All communications or messages like text messages, emails, or social media posts are valid evidence if you decide to go to court.

Talk to the Authorities/Trusted Adults.

If you are being bullied, it is always best to inform authorities or trusted adults like family and friends about the bullying. Do not keep it to yourself and suffer in silence because if you do, you might not be able to know the difference between your decisions anymore and end up either becoming depressed or suicidal or attacking the cyber bully as well. Remember that the best thing is to seek help from these people who can also help protect you from the cyber bully by collecting evidence or reporting the cyber bullying incident to people who can arrest or warn the cyber bully against his or her attacks. You don’t have to suffer alone and you can always ask for help if the cyber bully won’t stop attacking you or sending hate messages.

What Types of Cases Does a Chiropractor Treat

Are you having chronic pain on your neck? Do you suffer from severe back pains that don’t allow you to walk straight anymore or do your everyday activities? Are you having headaches most of the time and don’t know how to make them go away? These are just some of the cases that you should consult with some of the best chiropractor in Dubai who may be able to help you treat them and make the pain go away permanently.

Let us take a closer look at these conditions.

Back Pain – have you ever experienced lower back pain that has prevented you from standing up from our bed in the morning? Do you have back pains while sitting down and you can’t get up? You might have a case of Sciatica, a lower back issue where one of the nerves in the spinal cord is swollen and is actually protruding out from the spinal discs. Every time your weight is on the swollen nerve, you experience a sudden jolt of pain that may incapacitate you and prevent you from living a normal life.

When you have this condition, you can call up the best chiropractor Dubai clinic in your area and have a consultation done as soon as possible. Treating Sciatica can take several visits to your chiropractor so be patient and do as your chiropractor suggests. For example, you will be asked to do certain back exercises in between your sessions with your chiropractor. This is to ensure that even without the treatment from your chiropractor, you are getting some sort of exercise to strengthen your back and make sure that pressure is relieved on the swollen nerve.

Stiff Neck & Shoulders – there are times when we get out of bed and we can’t move our necks at all. That’s a stiff neck and sometimes it can extend all the way to our shoulders making it difficult to reach out, carry stuff, and even drive.

An instant remedy for stiff neck and shoulders is to massage some massage oil or liniment on the affected area and wait until the stiffness disappears. However, if after a few days, like 3-4 days, the stiffness is still there, it may be time to call a chiropractor in your area and have your condition checked. If the pain doesn’t go away, it may be due to more serious problems like a swollen nerve.


Usually we get headaches that are temporary because we are hungry, stressed, or was not able to sleep soundly. But if you get headaches that are there constantly and making your life a living hell, then you may want to consider going to the best chiropractor in Dubai to have your symptoms checked. There can be situations where your headache is actually connected to more serious problems with your nerves and having a chiropractor check your posture and overall body condition, you will be able to know where the root cause of the headaches are coming from and how you can properly solve it.

See how a chiropractor helps a young man in this video:

How to Buy Flowers for Someone You Are Courting

Here’s your secure manual for picking the ideal flower bouquet at Dubai flower shops to give to the person you are courting. It doesn’t take a considerable measure of cash or any sort of botanical know-how to take her breath away! A couple of simple to-recall pointers is all you’ll need for buying the right flowers.

Point 1: Know Some Basics About Her

What shading does she like? if you have no clue, take notice of what shades she regularly wears or has with her. What shading is her bag, her cell phone, her shoes, her workstation? Odds are you will know what her favorite shades or colors are just by observing her possessions or environment.

Also, think of her personality and then you can ask your florist what types of flowers match or symbolize this personality. Is she playful? Does she like quiet places and more intimate conversations? These info will be useful in finding out the right flowers to buy for her.

Stage 2: What Do You Want to Say?

Are you buying flowers for a birthday, anniversary, just for a simple lowing gesture? Buying flowers for a simple, every day show of affection is different from buying flowers if you are going to propose. So, depending on what you want to say when giving your flowers, you should really think about what type of flower to give. You can do a simple search online about what flowers match the occasion, though some of the more popular ones are of course roses and tulips. If in doubt, look at flower shop websites and see what bouquets they recommend.


Stage 3: Find a Florist

Look in the telephone directory or go online to locate a nearby flower shop in Dubai like Mercury Flowers. If there are many to choose from, talk to some of them and who ever handles your call the best and in the most polite manner, then you can trust that they will also be able to handle your flower requests with great care. You should also choose a florist who can deliver the bouquet just in case you are not able to pick it up personally. Look for a florist who is willing to accommodate your questions about flowers and try to see if he or she is really knowledgable by asking questions and requesting to see some of their previous works

Stage 4: Get Help From a Pro


Getting help from a pro means getting the services of the florist. This is more for customers who are arranging events for companies or hotels or bridal fairs. But it won’t hurt to ask them if they can have some suggestions about flowers for the season and what types are best for certain occasions. You can also ask them to make customized bouquets for your girlfriend if you are going to treat her for a special date, anniversary, or introduce her to your parents. There are endless possibilities when it comes to why and what you want to say with flowers, so it is good to remember that you should do some research in advance.

Learn more on how to buy flowers here: