Dubai Crossfit Gyms: Basic Workout

Are you new to Crossfit and want to have an overview of how a basic Crossfit workout goes?

Dubai Crossfit Gyms offer different workouts daily for their members. These are called WODs of Work-Out-of-the-Day.

Basic Crossfit Workout

Wondering what a Workout-of-the-Day looks like? Here is a samle Dubai Crossfit workout you may encounter at a Crossfit Gym:

Counting from 10-1 Workout

In this workout you do 10 of each of your kettle bells swings, then 10 of dumb bell thrusters–this is done by holding a light dumbbell in front of your chest with both hands; then you squat with your dumbbells in place, then stand straight while raising the dumbbell overhead. After doing the 10 reps, your second set will then be 9 reps, then 8, then 7, and so on until you reach 1 rep for each exercise.

Burpee Workout

With Burpees in Crossfit, you simply do as many Burpees as you can for the time given or assigned by the coach.

Body Weight Exercises

There can be many combinations for body weight exercises. An example would be starting with air squats, then do some push ups, then sit ups, then ring rows, and then burpees.

Sit ups, Pull ups, Presses, and Runs

When it comes to variations, you can do so many in Crossfit. For example when it comes to core and upper body exercises you can do sit ups, pull ups, presses, and running as well. A sample combination of these exercises would be doing  2-3 rounds as fast as you can of this combination: 10-12 front squats while using a barbell, then 8-10 pull-ups, then shifting to 8 push presses. You can then finish your workout with a quarter-mile run.

Jumps and Lunges

Crossfit is also a great way to train your leg power. Jumps and lunges are those exercises that develop your lower body strength. A sample for what you can do if you want to train your legs in Crossfit is to do 4-5 very quick rounds of the following exercises: 13-15 lunges on each leg using a moderate-weight on it like a barbell, then do about 60 jumping ropes or just a simple jumping jack.

Tabata Push Ups and Lunges

You will most probably encounter Tabata exercises no matter which Dubai Crossfit gym you enroll in. The word “Tabata” refers to the repetition in the movement. So for Tabata you move for 20 seconds, then you rest for 10 seconds, and you just repeat the entire set again. So example, you can set the clock for 8 minutes and do your 20 seconds-off, 10 seconds rest of alternating push ups and lunges.

These are just examples on what types of exercise combination one may encounter when it comes to Crossfit work-out-of-the day. Depending on your gymn, these will of course change and if you have a fitness coach helping you with your Crossfit program, then you follow a different exercise routine compared to the rest of the gym’s members. Most Crossfit gyms also post their daily WODs on their websites or social media so that members can easily access them during their workout sessions.