How to Buy Flowers for Someone You Are Courting

Here’s your secure manual for picking the ideal flower bouquet at Dubai flower shops to give to the person you are courting. It doesn’t take a considerable measure of cash or any sort of botanical know-how to take her breath away! A couple of simple to-recall pointers is all you’ll need for buying the right flowers.

Point 1: Know Some Basics About Her

What shading does she like? if you have no clue, take notice of what shades she regularly wears or has with her. What shading is her bag, her cell phone, her shoes, her workstation? Odds are you will know what her favorite shades or colors are just by observing her possessions or environment.

Also, think of her personality and then you can ask your florist what types of flowers match or symbolize this personality. Is she playful? Does she like quiet places and more intimate conversations? These info will be useful in finding out the right flowers to buy for her.

Stage 2: What Do You Want to Say?

Are you buying flowers for a birthday, anniversary, just for a simple lowing gesture? Buying flowers for a simple, every day show of affection is different from buying flowers if you are going to propose. So, depending on what you want to say when giving your flowers, you should really think about what type of flower to give. You can do a simple search online about what flowers match the occasion, though some of the more popular ones are of course roses and tulips. If in doubt, look at flower shop websites and see what bouquets they recommend.


Stage 3: Find a Florist

Look in the telephone directory or go online to locate a nearby flower shop in Dubai like Mercury Flowers. If there are many to choose from, talk to some of them and who ever handles your call the best and in the most polite manner, then you can trust that they will also be able to handle your flower requests with great care. You should also choose a florist who can deliver the bouquet just in case you are not able to pick it up personally. Look for a florist who is willing to accommodate your questions about flowers and try to see if he or she is really knowledgable by asking questions and requesting to see some of their previous works

Stage 4: Get Help From a Pro


Getting help from a pro means getting the services of the florist. This is more for customers who are arranging events for companies or hotels or bridal fairs. But it won’t hurt to ask them if they can have some suggestions about flowers for the season and what types are best for certain occasions. You can also ask them to make customized bouquets for your girlfriend if you are going to treat her for a special date, anniversary, or introduce her to your parents. There are endless possibilities when it comes to why and what you want to say with flowers, so it is good to remember that you should do some research in advance.

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