Tips on How to Stop Cyber Bullying

There are many cases of cyber bullying today that are left unreported and if so, they remain to scar the people who are victims of such hateful attacks. If you are a parent who has a kid complaining about cyber bullying or if you are being victimized, here are some tips you can do on how to stop cyber bullying:

Don’t Respond to Attacks.

This sounds counter-intuitive because our natural reaction is to defend ourselves when people say harsh things that are not true or when they are plainly saying things just o provoke us. But when it comes to cyber bullying, it is better not to respond to these attacks no matter how tempting it is to do so. Why do you think it is the best thing to do to not respond to your cyber bullies?

When somebody attacks you online with hate-filled words, they are usually doing it because they want to provoke you and are looking for you to reply in an angry way. If you reply with anger, you are giving them the satisfaction of getting what they want and that is to see you lose yourself and become to angry that you stoop to their level and start a hate conversation. So if you want to stop cyber bullying and beat the cyber bully, it is best to just not reply to their comments.

Save the Evidence.

Although some cyber bullies stop on their own eventually, there are also those that do not get tired of what they are doing and keep on harassing others in order to get the satisfaction they are looking for in terms of a reply. If you have a cyber bully attacking you, you should not retaliate but keep the evidence of his attacks either by doing a screen shot of the message or forwarding the cyber bullying content to your email as your reference if the situation worsens. In the future, you might need to produce evidence of the harassment by showing the messages of your cyber bully. All communications or messages like text messages, emails, or social media posts are valid evidence if you decide to go to court.

Talk to the Authorities/Trusted Adults.

If you are being bullied, it is always best to inform authorities or trusted adults like family and friends about the bullying. Do not keep it to yourself and suffer in silence because if you do, you might not be able to know the difference between your decisions anymore and end up either becoming depressed or suicidal or attacking the cyber bully as well. Remember that the best thing is to seek help from these people who can also help protect you from the cyber bully by collecting evidence or reporting the cyber bullying incident to people who can arrest or warn the cyber bully against his or her attacks. You don’t have to suffer alone and you can always ask for help if the cyber bully won’t stop attacking you or sending hate messages.